To Tattoo, Or Not To Tattoo?

For many, tattoos are the ultimate form of self expression. For the others, they hold a negative societal stigma. This is common knowledge, but what about tattoos makes people either fall in love, or hate with great intensity? I’ve done some research in order to answer these questions on both sides of the coin as an unbiased observer. This is merely a quick review into the past and present of tattoos that I hope the uneducated and aficionados alike will appreciate.

In many cultures around the world, tattoos were “rights of passage” rituals that men and women underwent in order to celebrate their cultural achievements, and as an indicator of their societal status’. Candidates for tattoos would have to undergo extremely painful sessions for hours, and even sessions that lasted for days. These recipients had to endure it or else they were often excommunicated from their respective tribes, and out of their entire societal structures for abandonment of their culture’s rituals. But this was a very rare occurrence in many cultures due to the fact that earning the right to receive tattoos were badges of honor that instilled an immense sense of pride.the-maori-tattoo



Alternatively, tattoos were even used in spiritual and religious practices as pseudo “runes” that were intended to promote healing energies for the sickly, injured, and those individuals experiencing spiritual woes. Although we will never know if these practices truly worked in every culture for every individual whom survived; but what we do know for sure is that many people have died during or after these regular rituals. Depending on the culture, needles were re-purposed from fish bones, boar’s teeth, porcupine spikes, and even the thorns of certain plant and flower species. These tools were cleaned to the best of these ancient culture’s abilities at the time, but were still unhygienic. If the subject of the tattoo didn’t pass-out, or run away from the pain of the procedure, many fell severely ill from the growth and poisoning of bacteria underneath the dermis (their skin where the ink was injected) from the ink itself that was used.

Ancients of various cultures used different ink pigments from plant-based materials; but the more common black ink were crafted from the mixture of black carbon ash (which is wood that was completely burned all the way through) and plain water. The wood ash was the true pigment, and the water played the active role in allowing the powdery substance to pass through the tiny needle holes in the skin. It is uncommon to many people, but our dermis is semi-transparent, which is how the ink from tattoos seem to reside on the surface.



In the darker realm of this reality , tattoos were brands of punishment to those who refused to adhere to societal standards and committed heinous crimes against others. The offenders were made to live with the shame of their misdeeds for the rest of their lives, with everyone they ever were to encounter understanding fully well what they had done to earn their metaphorical shackles. Once tattoos under these circumstances were incurred, redemption was an unattainable commodity. These skin brands were also used to classify slaves by their ownership and mark their roles within the given society. These were the origins where tattoos earned negative stigmatization around the world. Branding bandits, criminals, and pariahs became a common practice. And we see this in modern day society with gang members who are imprisoned “earn” tattoos based on their crimes. But these are incurred with the involvement of their respective gang affiliation.

As societies around the world evolved and advanced in the realm of technology, food management, medical practices, and domestic roles; many cultural norms faded away into the ether. Westernization took precedence in the Americas and influenced other countries. Tattoos, while still holding negative connotations became a medium of self-expression by the brave few. It started to gain its place as symbols of pride and artistic integrity. It wasn’t a flight of whimsy; but the missing puzzle pieces to the souls of the misunderstood and unaccepted. Through a myriad of shapes and colors, tattoos became a way of being able to communicate what words failed to….poetry for the eyes, and vindication for the soul.


Many religious practitioners of all walks of faith hold that permanently marking the body through such barbaric means is considered self-mutilation. Even with the advancement of technology in which ink is administered, tattoos are considered unholy practices to be avoided at all costs. And those who receive them are in kind with those whom receive the “mark of the beast” in Holy scriptures. It is believed that self-mutilation of all types (tattoos, piercings, scarification, etc…) is a blood-sacrificial pact with the demon overlord himself, The Devil.

Now, regardless of what your beliefs are; we must remember to respect the opinions and beliefs of others. Remain respectful and show solidarity. Mankind will never agree on everything that is done and said; and regardless if people’s negative views on tattoos are correct or not, opinions are ephemeral without concrete proof, which no one on either side has. So keep your mind open and agree to disagree. That is how acceptance is formulated.
Tattoos will always hold the weight of positivity and negativity, as with every artistic practice in the world. But one thing people on both sides of the coin agree on is what kind of tattoo you decide to receive speaks volumes about the person you are. So if you are an individual who is yearning to receive a tattoo; answer these following questions:

Why do you want to get a tattoo? And will you receiving it/them communicate your message…your truth? Remember that tattoos lasts a lifetime. And if you believe that laser removal, or black-out tattoos to cover up unwanted ones will solve a “problem”, then I’m quite sure getting one isn’t a wise decision in the first place. But that’s my respectful opinion.


Taking narcissism to the extreme…the “Selfie Brush”

Selfie Syndrome infographic

Vanity has always been a distasteful idiosyncrasy perpetuated mostly by females since the beginning of civilization. In this modern day world we live in, through social media, we see ever-growing examples of this through what has been officiated as the “selfie”. Everyone knows what a selfie is, so there’s really no need for me to define the term. Both males and females have grown so obsessed with how they look, they’ve transformed themselves into textbook narcissists. It’s really disgusting in my opinion. To love oneself is an admirable trait, and is encouraged in order to live a fulfilling life. But there is a line. And the other side of that line is where sin was waiting for you all along.

Selfie Brush

With more and more people females falling deep into narcissism, the need to supplement new ways to acquire attention arose. And as you know, “necessity is the mother of invention“. And speaking of invention; I now bring forth to you…THE SELFIE BRUSH!!!! I assure you that my enthusiasm is purely sarcastic.


It’s bad enough that the internet is plagued with a sea of selfies taken by people in their bathroom mirrors, or in their messy rooms with questionable items in the backgrounds. Women are crazed with the idea that everyone wants to see how they look, or figure they absolutely have to show people how good they look. They slather on unscrupulous amounts of makeup, and dress like harlots. All I see is an assortment of attention-seeking empty shells as if they were the illegitimate offsprings of Ronald McDonald and Kim Kardashian. You don’t just love yourselves…you’re obsessed with yourselves. And it’s extremely unhealthy, and undesirable. Women are known for standing/sitting in front of a mirror for hours on end making sure they look as perfect as they personally can, and brainwash themselves along with their girlfriends that they deserve no less than the absolute best in life, and from men. Unrealistic expectations is a deadly plague that hurts not only the affected individuals; but also the people who become subjected to their narcissism.

Leon Jean Basile Perrault Vanitas

I’ve talked to both men and women over the course of a few years, and one of many messages was clear and conclusive…that no matter how self-sufficient a woman appears to be, or convinces you she is; all women seeks validation. This distinctively explains the literally countless selfies that appear on all social media platforms each and every day. Women base their desirability on large volumes of likes and positive comments.


This unique thought process is what ultimately disorients their minds, twists their perceptions, and deranges their priorities in life. Whatever happened to humility? What ever happened to knowing how beautiful you are on the inside and out, without sashaying around with a choreographed gimp? This Selfie Brush is only emptying out the hollows of females even more, and it saddens me that this is what humanity has come to…success based on beauty. Does it really make people feel good about themselves that they are appraised on their appearance, rather than the content of their character?

There is a startling amount of Atheism in America. The numbers rise every year; and more and more people don’t believe in karma and that their sins are detrimental to themselves and humanity as a whole. No. They’re too involved with themselves and others like themselves to care at all really. But I assure you, whether you are religious, atheistic, karmic, or nothing at all; your behavior needs to come to a conclusion, because others like myself find you sickening.


In the movie “The Devil’s Advocate”, Al Pacino’s role as Lucifer himself was a defining role for his career in the 90’s. One quote he stated in the movie is completely true. “Vanity–definitely my favorite sin“. I’m not in any way trying to make any religious impressions on anyone whatsoever, but you have to admit that this is definitely something to think about!


I’m sorry to break it to you ladies and gentlemen, but taking selfies in strategic locations doesn’t make you a brilliant photographer. It doesn’t make you a model. And it damn sure doesn’t make you an important trendsetter either. If this is harsh news for you to consume, then take a quick breather. Maybe grab a glass of water, a chocolate chip cookie; then wake your ass up and get back to reality. This Selfie Brush is the dumbest thing I’ve seen since the Social Media Bathroom Mirror. Get yourself together humanity, you’re messing up the genepool.

Scientist kills “Puppy-sized” Goliath Spider…in the name of SCIENCE!

goliath spider

Now this is some messed up news that’s been talked about countless amounts of times, through various mediums over the course of a solid month. Piotr Naskrecki, an Entomologist for the Smithsonian Museum of American History traveled to South America in the name of research of an extremely rare species of spiders dubbed Goliath Spiders. This species of spiders have been described to be puppy-sized…and for darn good reason too. Upon reaching adulthood, these spiders, could cover more than the spherical cap of a regulation-sized basketball.

If that doesn’t rustle your jimmies, then this next tidbit of information will.


If you’re wondering what in the world these seemingly gamma-powered mutations eat besides what the above picture clearly illustrates; then you’re about to get some knowledge bestowed upon thy mind. These creatures possess mandibles that can easily penetrate the skull of a rat. They eat insects; frogs, small snakes, rodents, and even bats if you can imagine. A lot of people who reveled in the taste of frog’s legs say it “tastes just like chicken“, but these Goliath Spiders won’t take your word for it. Oh no, they most definitely won’t. In fact, as you can see, they will not only hunt, and slowly kill a chicken; they will pose with their trophy for a picture, a la Captain Morgan-style. Speaking of good ‘ol Cap…I’m going to need a stiff drink after publishing this post, and watch my backside as I make my way over to the kitchen.

Captain Morgan pose

Yep. That’s pretty much what they’ll do when they catch you in their neighborhood

Lets jump right back into it

Naskrecki felt it necessary to not only capture and strategically kill one “specimen” in the name of science; he goes as far as to claim he did it for it to be displayed within the enclave of the Museum for which he is employed. He stated that he was taking a walk when he came across the spider. Then goes on to say that every time he got close to it, it would display its predatory behavior, for which he called “cute”. The spider obviously didn’t take kindly to the scientist in its neck of the woods (unintentional pun). The spider ejected a form of a haze at Naskrecki, which caused great discomfort to his eyes for several days. So, he did what scientists do when in the company of something new and fascinating…they kill it for dissection and study.

I'm about to do science

Now we’ve reached the portion of the post where my opinion is dying to come out

I wish that I inhabited a completely different planet solar system as spiders and the vast majority of insects in the world. There’s no doubt about that in the least. But that does not mean I want to see the destruction of life that has every right to exist as I do, especially when they’re posing absolutely no threat to humanity. This is where I start to hate everything that science stands for. What is wrong with mankind that they feel the need to go to different countries of the world and destroy disturb the indigenous lifeforms in the name of science!? Creatures that strive for survival every single day, and instinctively respect the natural order aren’t scientific specimens that deserve to be dissected and classified based on its biomolecular makeup. If there was a newly deceased creature laying on the ground, that’s a completely different story altogether.

I will do science to it

Well, I see that I’m not the only person who feels the way I do about this topic, as the Entomologist received not only hate mail in accordance to his actions; the bastard received a multifarious amount of death threats seemingly from every corner of civilization with an internet connection. In my opinion, threatening his life is going a little too far, but I see this as the start of a revolution against scientist’s need of killing and studying animal species when there is so many more perplexities in the world we are still just beginning to understand thanks to the current state of technology.

What gives humans any right to kill anything if not for the sole purpose of survival? How would scientists feel if an intellectually superior alien species came to Earth and kidnapped their family and friends, killed, dissected, and studied in the name of intergalactic science because out of all the planets hosting life, humans were the first of our kind that they’ve seen? Wouldn’t feel right; would it?

I believe mankind needs to take a different approach towards the endeavors of science. I believe that we need to concentrate on the issues that are most important to solve before we move on to further frontiers. We are plagued by the common cold and a plethora of diseases. We have children born with birth defects and learning disabilities. We have cell phones that can record high definition videos, yet we have security cameras that are supposed to thwart crime and save lives that possess a video quality comparable to mid 80’s amatauer home videos. The list goes on and on, but only one thing is consistent…things aren’t as they should be.

Time for change

Social media can be more beneficial than you know

Aside from the racist breeding grounds we call “Youtube” and “Facebook“, there are other sites out there where people really have a lot of interesting things to say. I always valued people’s opinions as long as they follow the normal code of conduct and be open to any criticism they received. After all, if you’re practicing your rights to freedom of speech – or at least what we are led to believe is free – then you should be open to the opinions of readers whom take issues with what you presented.

To get it, you must give it

Scanning through various blogs on different sites over the years, I’ve seen both the most degenerative posts, and comments to other’s posts that you could find on the internet. And on the other side of this confusing coin, I’ve seen the most thought provoking, spirit lifting posts that I could ever hope to see from another human being. Some of which even sort of restored my dwindling faith in humanity. In my opinion, the best sites to participate in interesting topics, as well as to experience the opinions of others are sites that host quizzes, polls (multiple choice answer topics governed by a total percentage algorithm), and fan groups. For example, “” is a great site for polls and seeing people’s opinions on the topics that come up. These polls are typically real-life situations and issues that are brought up in picture form, synonymous to memes in structure. is also a great escape from the pressures of Facebook, and the overrated superficiality of Twitter; where people post questions that are answered by common individuals. At times, it can actually be pretty refreshing.

Brain on vacation

I’ve personally dabbled in the study of Psychology on the social end of the spectrum, and for the life of me, can’t understand why we find it so appealing to answer questions, and have our own questions answered by others. Whether we realize it or not, we value the opinion of others. No matter how cynical a person may appear to be, those individuals value that someone they don’t know somewhere in the world read what they have conceptualized, and cared to leave a comment. It’s as if we have a need to be noticed in some shape or form.

Look at me

Its been quite some time since I’ve blogged on this site, or any other at all; and being the aspiring writer that I am, I had a great idea to rejuvenate my creative juices by once again sharing my opinion to those who may find my voice interesting. I found it to be a great idea to start by utilizing such sites like to bring up topics I found interesting. And if you indeed found anything that I may post interesting or unsavory in any way, please feel free to share your thoughts. I’m always up for a good conversation. Everyday is a learning experience, and I look forward to those instances. If you have a topic that you would like my honest opinion on, I’m willing to write about any topic. So send in those messages. I will see you guys soon with a new post on a topic I found extremely disturbing.


For whom slays the trolls?

Good day to you guys. Today I’d like to talk about “Internet Trolls”. Yep, it pretty much gained enough recognition in society for me to capitalize the first letter of each word mid-sentence, lol. Nothing is new about them, but I nonetheless wanted to give my own opinion on the subject.Image

I’m quite sure the readers of this blog post is familiar with what an “Internet Troll” is, but just incase you aren’t, I will shed some light on this for you (btw, don’t feel bad if you don’t know):

*For more in-depth information on the subject of “Trolls”, please click the included link above. What I have typed in the above bullet-point was a basic understanding of the meaning of the word.*

Now to get down to the “nitty-gritty”. These Trolls seem to receive great pleasure from the prospect of making others than themselves feel bad…even trying to get others to hate themselves. I remember when the internet was a tool for learning, a tool for reaching out to friends, family, and genuinely getting to know and become associated with new people who would have never met in any point in their lives otherwise. These days, the “world wide web” is use as a tool for debauchery and exuding the great hate that lives within the souls of these degenerates.

I simply just can’t understand (nor do I desire to) how someone can get any measure of carnal pleasure out of making someone innocent suffer for no reason at all. There have been cases of attempted suicides, successful suicidal acts, reactive violent behavior, and self-loathing to the point of clinical depression. Sadly, there are people both young and old who were scarred, and will unfortunately journey through their lives with these unsavory wounds. Some, trolled victims received their torment as an invitation to become the evil that plagued them in order to relieve their stresses.

In the case of a young woman who made the news late 2012, Amanda Todd (; she was trolled a numerous amount of times….even receiving messages that she should kill herself. Receiving tons of hate messages, and very descriptive emails on how she should kill herself. Unfortunately, she succumbed to the malevolent rants and took her own life by ingesting Clorox Bleach. Even after her untimely demise, trolls still make fun of her, and still send hate messages in slander of her memory.

Now we’ve come to the “my opinion” portion of this post. I wholeheartedly believe that Internet Trolls are the type of people who have insecurities within their personal lives, and taunt innocent people in order to make themselves feel better. They are the the new “Neo Nazis” of this century, and they don’t like anyone that is different than themselves. They hate others on simple observations of race, height, weight, shape, religion, and look for someone to make mistakes. It is my own personal moral code to see that everyone in this world deserves a chance to forego the misdeeds of their past in order to evolve into a better person; but even with my active belief system, I have to ignore it in the case of these degenerate so-and-so’s. To destroy the lives of people through the protection of your digital presence is the most cowardly act someone could perform. To think that these degenerates are the future of mankind….future would-be parents…successors of the legacy we leave behind for them. If this is truly who we’ll have to depend on someday, then I am seriously terrified for the future of this planet.Image

Creating this post was inspired mostly through the fact that I was verbally bullied most of my life. There wasn’t a term for this negative behavior back when I was younger, but the signs are the same. I consider myself blessed that I was one of the chosen few who was able to carry on with my life, and directed my pain toward positive roles, but I had friends who wasn’t so lucky. A freshmen in Highschool, I had to carry on after a friend/classmate of mine committed suicide by hanging himself on his ceiling fan with a belt tied around his neck. He was overly pressured at home by his father, and saw that his only safe haven was at school with the very few friends he had. Soon, that safe haven turned into another corner of hell when he was constantly bullied for various reasons. And unfortunately, he decided that taking his own life was his only course of action to escape.

Another friend of mine couldn’t take the pressures of his life, and joined the military after high school (Army to be exact). I was concerned yet proud that even though his reasons for joining was brought out of desperation, he at least used his anger and pain and directed it towards a greater purpose. We lost contact along the way, and unfortunately not much later than a year away, I received an email from a mutual friend (with an attached digital version of a newspaper article). I read that his unit, returning to their base in Iraq from a scouting mission, was blown up by a landmine on the pathway. He died instantly. Yes, his end came from the fruits of war, but it was all the result of his unfair, harsh life.Years later, I met his brother for the first time, and he informed me that his brother would have most likely ended up in the Army anyway because of family tradition. It was still 50/50. The person I knew had tremendous artistic talent. He wanted to be an artist. In my heart, he still is an artist. And may his soul rest easy.

To conclude this post, I have to say…how many lives have to be ruined, lost, until this fad fades away like a diffused mist? When are people going to grow a heart to see and feel the pain they are causing others, and that they need to cease their actions? How can someone go through the rest of their life fully knowing that they ruined another’s? All I have to say at this point, my friends, is that if you are ever victimized by Internet Trolls, please look the other way and move on with your lives. I don’t care what you see in yourself, you are more important than you may realize.

Once again, thank you for reading my words. And I would definitely appreciate any feedback from any of you. It is in the afternoon right now, so I hope all of you have a great day, and a great evening to those who may live in a different region of the world.

Oh, and to the trolls….go back to your caves and reflect on your lives. The internet wasn’t meant for you…educating your weak minds is!Image

It’s never too late

Be true to yourself

Be true to yourself


It was never easy growing up finding my own identity. I spent my life struggling internally with what was expected of me, and what I wanted to do. I never had the opportunity to discover who I really was beyond a subservient son to both my mother and father. I was their “prized jewel”, their “investment”, their “flesh and blood”, but never much of an individual with my own voice.

As the years trudged on, I found that I amassed a multitude of talents and skills. Between doings things out of boredom and out of interest, I became a sort of “Jack of all Trades”…competent will many skills, but not necessarily mastering any single one. And as satisfying as it can be at times knowing even just an inkling of something that others lack knowledge in, I felt incomplete. The empty space within me needed to be filled, but what was it that needed to exist within me? I noticed for years how individuals had a specific talent with something and mastered it to the best of their own ability. Some found their niche early on, while others didn’t find their destined path until they were in their golden years, but they found the one thing over all that they nurtured into something amazing.

What was my “thing”? I had plenty of interests that I wished I could turn into a career. But like someone with A.D.H.D., I got good at something, then “jumped ship” in search for adventure elsewhere…sometimes finding my way back to previously traveled waters.

It’s sad to say that only up to just a year ago, I set on a spiritually cleansing journey to find where my essence needed to breathe. Life’s experiences taught me my likes and dislikes. I was well into my journey of self-discovery. And today, this year of 2013, I have laid to rest the remnants of my past in reverence to my ascension of self. One of the skills I held a particular talent in more so than others is the very one my spirit felt at home with. I was to become a writer. Now, I’ve wanted to be a writer a few years ago, but I reiterate that I jumped from one thing to the next as the wind blew by. But my feet are definitely planted now, and I found my niche that I can do as well as a vast majority of professionals.

I have always been that entity to write compelling essays in college, helped fellow students (young and old) with their literature, and was/still getting paid to “ghost write” for others, to their delight. I was told by many that my calling was to be an educator, but a writer felt more akin to my personality (to be mentioned in a separate blog post). It’s feels pretty grim for me to say that I’m 30 years old as of four months ago, and I just settled into my “calling” when I could have hypothesized that this was going to be my end result years ago. Denial is a very powerful impediment. But I should consider myself lucky still, as there are many out there older than I who still haven’t truly discovered themselves…and those out there who are perfectly comfortable living a “cookie cutter” lifestyle shared by countless others on the same payroll. Many even live that “cookie cutter” lifestyle because they previously figured that is was what they wanted, and became unhappily married to their source of income.

So as my blog title states, “It’s never too late”. Assess your interests and talents. Never be afraid to experiment with the unknown, and after you learn a little about a lot of different things, come to a conclusion to where your soul feels most comfortable. Don’t allow yourself to become one of those individuals who are caught in a lifestyle you hate. Yes, you could make a lot of money being an Accountant, a Secretary, or even a HR Representative…but ask yourself, “is this really what I want to do for the rest of my career? Does this fulfill my spiritual needs, and comforts me to sleep every evening?”

My friends, I hope you take my lesson as a lesson unto yourself and start on a path that you can be happy traveling. I honestly thank any and all of you who took the  time out of your day to read my post. Hope you have a wonderful life full of love and happiness ^_^ And if you are interested in sharing your own story, I would absolutely love to read it. Take care.